Industrial Rope Access is a technique used to gain access to normally inaccessible structures, such as chimneys, towers, building facades, bridges and other industrial structures. This techniques is often a timely, cost effective and safe alternative to traditional access methods. Through minimal disruption caused to operations, other trades and contractors; and direct contact between the client and the person performing each task, Highpoint generates considerable savings for our clients. Highpoint’s safety record is of impeccable standard, and is aligned with the Industrial Rope Access industry safety record, which is derived from the rigorous adherence to Australian and international standards and codes of practice.

Examples of some of the performed tasks we have completed for clients include:

  • Furnace internal cleaning and inspection
  • Turbine internal inspection
  • Confined space work
  • Specialist inspection and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Maintenance and repairs including welding, fitting and electrical
  • Painting, sealant and waterproof membrane application
  • Geotechnical inspection and remedial work
  • Building maintenence

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