Rope Access is a technique which utilises ropes, harnesses and rope adjusting devices to gain access to normally inaccessible structures such as chimneys, towers, building facades, bridges and other industrial structures. Industrial Rope Access can generate considerable savings through rapid installation of systems, causing minimal disruption to other work and surroundings, and provides a safe solution to difficult and troublesome projects. The Industrial Rope Access industry has an exemplary safety record that has derived from rigorous adherence to Australian and international standards and codes of practice. Rope access is often a timely, cost effective and safe alternative to traditional access methods.

ARAA is Australia’s own rope access association combining rope access professionals and enthusiasts to ensure the health, safety and promotion of the rope access industry.

Highpoint Access & Rescue provides rope access training and assessment for SPRAT Levels 1, 2 and 3 Operators.


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