Highpoint Access & Rescue are now providing Qualitative and Quantitative Respirator Face Fit Testing. This can be conducted on site at your workplace or at our Highpoint Facilities on 54 Glenmore Road, Park Avenue QLD 4701.

What is a respirator fit test?

A respirator is used to protect an individual from inhaling hazardous airborne contaminates when working. Examples of airborne contaminants found in different environments include; fumes, infectious substances, asbestos, hazardous chemicals and dusts, e.g. crystalline silica. To ensure the highest level of protection respirators must be fitted correctly. With multiple different makes and models on the market, testing a respirators seal is imperative to ensuring optimal fit and prevention of airborne contaminants leaking into the respirator, and entering the respiratory system of the wearer.

There are two types of testing conducted to ensure a good seal; Qualitative and Quantitative.

What is the difference?

Qualitative Fit Testing

A less commonly used method of evaluating respirator fit. Typically used for personnel that would require either a disposable paper mask, a respirator that just covers the nose and mouth, or half-mask respirators. This type of testing works by detecting leakage of the respirator through the use of the taste and/or small senses. It is a pass or fail method that heavily relies on the subjective reports of the individual being tested.

Quantitative Fit Testing

Used for a range of respirators, including; disposable filtering-facepieces (P1, P2 and P3), half face, full face, gas masks, powered air-purifying respirators (PAPR) and self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) masks. The process involves an instrument called a PortaCount, measuring the leakage around the face seal on the respirator and providing a numerical value called a fit factor. This fit factor provides an indication as to whether the chosen respirator provides adequate protection for the individual.

Although testing is undertaken, each time a respirator is worn, an individual should also undertake a fit check to determine the respirator is positioned properly and a good seal has been created.


Qualitative Respirator Face Fit Testing

$125 +GST per assessment

Quantitative Respirator Face Fit Testing

$175 +GST per assessment

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