Highpoint Access & Rescue present a five module program to develop skills and knowledge in the field of rope rigging. This program has proven extremely valuable in the development of rope rigging professionals including rope rescue instructors, rope rescue riggers and rope access professionals.

Participants from an extensive breadth of knowledge and experience are continuing to undertake this program. Participants are encouraged to exchange ideas in a flexible learning environment. Instructors will be open to constructive discussion on issues relating to the advancement of the workshop.

Although we explore specialised equipment and put it through the tests, this equipment is not central to the workshop. The focus will be on developing and understanding the principles and core physics which underpin rope-rigging techniques.

Quite often we see rescue systems come on to the market that have been designed (apparently) to be operated by personnel with minimal training and experience. This “Rescue In A Can” syndrome, with a kit for each occasion, tends to have a dumbing-down effect on the industry. There appears to be a trend toward making equipment fool proof. To put it bluntly, rope rigging is not a game for the foolish.

As rope riggers, we need to have a sound understanding of both “WHAT” to do and “WHY” it is we do it that way. In summary, the program is designed to build the collective intellectual competence within the fields of rope access and rope rescue.

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